By Martin | 23 August 2022

WSS52 Stands for SONOS FIVE. Please take a closer look at our SANUS range of feature-rich stands and mounts for the Sonos range of speakers – especially the new WSS52 speaker stands. Designed to hold the Sonos Five or Sonos PLAY:5 in either vertical or horizontal orientation, the anodized aluminum design of the SANUS WSS52…


By Martin | 8 August 2022

Check out Amina’s ALF100SM Subwoofer that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and hidden in walls and ceilings. Featuring a highly efficient Distributed Transmission Line design, this passive subwoofer is capable of reproducing frequencies down to 30Hz at an incredible 110dB SPL, with excellent accuracy and minimal distortion. More info at

The Vanguard Dynamics IOS-6

By Martin | 15 June 2022

In the den or on the deck, summer or winter, the Vanguard IOS-6 simply sounds great! IOS-6 | Indoor Outdoor Speaker | Vanguard Dynamics


By Martin | 10 February 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to the new YG-3 from Powergrip – the latest and greatest model in our lineup of Clean Power and Smart Protection consoles.In simple terms, the Powergrip YG-3 cleans the incoming power from the mains to remove noise that can affect the performance of your audio-video system and protects all…

How to Install AMINA EDGE.

By Martin | 15 November 2021

Watch this video to learn how.

VAIL CAST now in stock

By Martin | 19 October 2021

Introducing VAIL CAST from Vanguard Dynamics – the Multi platform Universal Streaming Amplifier.Measuring only 8 x 8 x 10cm, this compact digital stereo amplifier delivers a great experience for single zone or whole-house audio.Amplify any pair of speakers and connect to all popular voice control platforms, mobile devices, TV’s, desktop computer/laptop or any audio source with the…

Amina wins a coveted CTA 2021 Award

By Martin | 15 April 2021

We are excited to share that Amina Invisible Speakers’ Mobius5i Invisible loudspeaker has received a Consumer Technology Association 2021 Mark of Excellence Award in the Speakers and Subwoofers – Indoor Category for 2021. An absolute honour!

Get a Grip – POWERGRIP

By Martin | 2 April 2021

If you have ‘dirty power’, surges and other power problems check out the POWERGRIP YG-2. In stock now in our NL warehouse. Fully featured and reasonably priced with excellent build quality and performance.

Amina – invisibly and beautifully installed in Australia

By Martin | 2 April 2021

Check out the in-store Amina display at the Audio Trends store in Melbourne Australia, installed to great effect behind Tasmanian Oak panels.

Amina Mobius 3i now shipping

By Martin | 2 April 2021

We are pleased to inform you that we are now shipping the new AMINA Mobius 3i (and the commercial model 3iMT.) This efficient, compact new invisible plaster-over speaker model incorporates the same OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technologies as the Mobius 5i and Mobius7i but in a smaller 300mm wide form factor.