Residential Solutions

Here are some solutions that will impress your customers and clients.

Do you have a job that needs you to power multiple audio zones in a multi-zone system but you don’t have the space for big amplifiers?

Most amplifiers in this price range simply don't give the buyer all the flexibility that the ZM12 offers - or the power to run 24 speakers all from this one compact 2u tall amplifier. It features one Zone with higher power - 120 watts x 2 @ 8Ω (for example, to run a big pair of stereo speakers in the lounge) as well as the TEN other channels delivering 60 watts x 10 @ 8Ω. There is also a host of CI features – 12v triggers, per channel volume controls, bus loops and a whole lot more!


Do you need great sound to fill a very elegant home for a design-conscious customer – but your client doesn’t want to see speakers – or even see speaker grilles on the wall or ceiling?

With the invention of VPT (Vibrational Panel Technology), and building the speakers into the wall or ceiling, Amina has been able to take the common loudspeaker design and replace the cone with a flat panel. Instead of moving forwards and backwards visibly like a typical cone design, a VPT panel uses small vibrations to generate sound which can be heard but not seen. This allows for seamless integration of a loudspeaker into any space with zero visual impact.

If you need amplifiers to power them? Parasound of course! Several Parasound amplifiers (like the ZM2) also have crossovers built in so you could also add an Amina ALF Subwoofer to beef up the bass!

Amina  Parasound ZM2

You are looking for a simple yet reliable multi room audio solution for a small home or apartment, to provide great sound in your clients Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom.

The Axium Mini4 features 4 powered zones delivering 30 watts per zone, using 5 physical source inputs and also features an Airplay Stream. When used in conjunction with the AX-AMM Media Manager, internet streaming sources enable you play music from thousands of internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio, listen to Spotify Connect, Tidal or content from your mobile device. The system can be controlled via a free App or via physical keypads.


The TDG NFC Series are simply some of the highest grade in ceiling speakers available, designed and built by some of the most experienced team in the speaker business, with great sound and build quality.

Axium      TDG audio

You have a HiFi Stereo client with Audiophile aspirations but who doesn’t want to spend crazy money on one of those overpriced High-End brands – but who still wants excellent sound and high power to drive his big speakers.

We believe that there is simply nothing anywhere near the price of the A21+ that competes. Delivering a whopping 300 watts x 2 @ 8 ohms, with very quiet, low distortion circuitry and total harmonic distortion at only 0.1% (a tenth of some competitors) this amp will drive any speakers with awesome musicality, control and with power in reserve.

If you need a great sounding, versatile preamp to partner with the A21+ look no further than Parasounds own P6.

Parasound A21+

Parasound P6


You have a client who has reached the limit of the 4 ports on their basic broadband modem – how can you expand that for them?

These compact yet powerful fanless switches can be hidden away easily, even in cupboards or behind displays to add flexibility to your clients network.

Luxul switches

Do you have a HiFi or Home Theater customer who has ‘dirty power’ or problems with spikes and surges on the mains?

The Powergrip YG-3 is an extremely well-built and feature-packed Power Conditioner that provides clean power and smart protection for AV Systems. Featuring a 16 amp capacity (enough for all but the very biggest systems) the customizable filters in the YG-3 protect against spikes and surges on the mains while delivering the clean power needed to allow the system to perform to its very best - making your movies and music simply sound clearer and more natural and dynamic. The YG-3 will also help prolong the life of the components in the connected AV equipment.

You are installing a Home Theater featuring an AVR that has great video technology and features, but has only average sound. What can you do to improve the sound quality? Your client wants the ‘full experience’ but not a houseful of speakers.

Add Parasound 5+2 channel amplifiers A52+ and A23+ to an AV Receiver to deliver a powerful and compelling movie experience, for example, driving the powerful TDG Signature series to give your client an immersive 7.1 channel movie experience.

Parasound TDG audio in wall speakers

Find out more about our brands.

Amina Invisible speakers.

Based in Cambridgeshire UK, Amina Technologies Ltd is a privately owned company and is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of invisible loudspeaker solutions. AV Distributors has been selling and distributing Amina for more than ten years and have a very close working relationship with this dedicated audio engineering company who is completely focussed on developing vibrating soundboard audio technology.
The products are specified by top designers and architects worldwide for use in prestigious family homes, amazing apartments, state palaces and historic houses – through to the very best hotels, museums and spa complexes.

Axium Control.

Axium is a New Zealand based audio engineering company who have been in business since the 1990’s, building both their own, (and also other famous brands) audio systems and AV Distributors have been their exclusive distribution partner in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for many years.
Axium prides itself on being a real hi-fidelity distributed audio/control system, with a huge attention to sound quality and detail, with the ability to provide high quality audio all around the property – from 4 to 96 zones. Enjoy simple to use square “UK Style” or “USA Style” keypads and touch screens, control your system with Android or Apple apps or integrate Axium into another control system using IP, RS232, or with KNX systems.

Luxul Wired and Wireless Networking.

Luxul, is the leading innovator of simple-to-deploy professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals and AV Distributors has been working with the company for more than ten years – ever since they were just a small company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now part of the Legrand AV group (and like AV Distributors they are based in the Netherlands,) Luxul is designed for use in both residential and light-commercial environments. The Luxul family of wired and wireless networking products offers a complete line of solutions that simplify network design and deployment—resulting in a scalable network that is both powerful and easy to install.
With Luxul, installers can deliver the ultimate IP network without the complexity associated with traditional networking gear.

Parasound, San Francisco, California.

Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc is a privately owned U.S. company based in San Francisco USA that specializes in making award winning, high quality audio and home theater components for critical listeners. AV Distributors exclusively takes care of all Parasound’s sales and service throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Parasound products are used in many of the World’s foremost movie and recording studios and often out-perform much more expensive brands. Parasound are currently the ONLY Company to hold SIX simultaneous Stereophile magazine Class A audio product recommendations. The Parasound electronics line-up spans HiFi, Home Theater, Commercial and Custom Installation product lines.


Powergrip was founded in 2015 by one of the most respected AV Distributors in our industry and is still owned by the same company. As the power supply in their home market is often unstable and carries many impurities, power conditioners are often necessary to enhance the performance and protect an AV System. Having distributed many brands of HiFi and AV electronics over the years, and not being particularly impressed with the results or with the value of the power conditioning products they tested, they decided to use all their years of experience, high level of electronics engineering knowledge and years of experience to build their own – and so POWERGRIP was born! AV Distributors are the exclusive distributor for Powergrip products in this region and hold stock of the line in our Dutch warehouse to supply our partners throughout the region

TDG Audio. and Vanguard Dynamics

TDG Audio and Vanguard Dynamics form the core brands of The DaVinci Group, Inc., a Southern California company that was founded by a group of custom integration industry leaders with a long history of creating many of the most iconic architectural audio products for some of the best-known brands in the industry. AV Distributors have been taking care of the distribution of these brands in EMEA since soon after the company was founded so have a long relationship with these great people.

TDG and Vanguard offer a broad portfolio of high quality installed speakers for In Wall and In Ceiling Home Theater and stereo applications, Outdoor and Marine grade speakers and CI Amplifiers too. Vanguard Dynamics also focus on amplification and innovative voice controlled audio products(via Amazon Alexa.) The products are designed and specified to offer a better price versus performance ratio than any competitive brands – giving higher performance at more reasonable prices As well as offering a wide portfolio of products to fit every job and every budget and equally at home in residential and commercial environments, TDG and Vanguard products also feature a ‘limited lifetime warranty’ – almost unheard of for products at their very affordable price points.